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About me

Final Project Proposal

My project is about exploring how the fictional wars in the Hunger Games trilogy reflect and relate to the real wars in the current world, and what insights and lessons can be drawn from them. I want to use digital humanities techniques to analyze and visualize the similarities and differences between the wars in the […]

Using Twine

Above is my story I created using the digital storytelling software Twine. Overall what do I think of Twine? To put it simply, I LOVE it! I thought it was such a fun and easy to use interface to tell a story using multiple choices. I did find it somewhat confusing to use at first, […]

Using AI to Write a Poem

This week, I have chosen to use the AI language model Copilot to write a poem dedicated to the University of Northern British Columbia. First I asked it to write me a poem about the University of Northern British Columbia. dot captures its beautiful geographical location and research oriented schooling. I found the first response […]

Using OCR software

This week, we used OCR software in order to transform a physical document into text/a pdf. To do this, I used Office Lens since it is included in my tuition and easy to use. The post can be found here https://gallery.andreatriesherbest.ca/items/show/6. I did use AI for this assignment, as OCR utilizes AI in order to […]

Using Metadata

This week we were asked to use add metadata to a few items on our Omeka archive. I uploaded two small sound files, two small videos, and a picture to my archive this week. I chose to focus on pictures and videos of my dog this week simply because he is too cute! In order […]

Working with Omeka

I found the installation of Omeka relatively smooth and simple, and ad no problems with it. Using it however, had a bit of a learning curve, especially in comparison to WordPress. It lacks the same customization WordPress has, however the preset themes it gives you are all nice and there are some options to customize […]

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