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Now that we are over halfway through the semester, it has come time to reflect on all I’ve learned so far. So far my strategy has been to watch the videos available, then do the readings, and finally the exercise. Sometimes the readings can be a bit much to comprehend all at once, so occasionally I will take a break from the readings and do the exercise to further my practical knowledge, then go back to theoretical. I also found extra YouTube videos were extremely helpful in my learning, for example using Twine. If something wasn’t working, my first response was to watch YouTube videos or look on forums for help. If those didn’t work, the Mattermost application made it easy to reach out to my professor and peers.I found the exercises essential to understanding the material, and there isn’t anything I would change in regards to these. Also annotating the readings forced me to think beyond simply “what does the text say” and interpret it using my own means. I love how in the using AI week we had a choice maybe of which exercise to do, and think having more of those or even optional exercises would be helpful for learning and applying concepts more.

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