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This week, we used OCR software in order to transform a physical document into text/a pdf. To do this, I used Office Lens since it is included in my tuition and easy to use. The post can be found here I did use AI for this assignment, as OCR utilizes AI in order to “read” the images and convert them into a searchable PDF. I found this software relatively easy to use, as it is similar to this OCR software used on iPhone to scan documents. I find the iPhone application sometimes struggles properly scanning handwritten text, but I had no issues with Office Lens. I actually already use this feature quite often, as my job requires me to scan and upload documents to our database. It is incredibly helpful for keeping people updated on important paperwork without the need to FAX or send letters. I rarely take paper notes in class anymore, but I could see how this could greatly benefit someone who takes paper notes in order to search quickly through a whole set of notes for one piece of information. I don’t think I would have much use for OCR in my personal life, however I have found it incredibly useful at work and school to improve flow of work.

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