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I had an impression this week’s exercise was going to be easy- I even added a timeline into my final project because I thought it would be fun a a breeze to do! Oh boy, was I in for a treat. My first big issue was figuring out what humanities topic to even make a timeline for! I ended up going to my nice, comfortable roots of psychology, and making a basic timeline on some major disciplines that have come up throughout the years. My major is in Psychology, so it seemed like an obvious choice. I did accidentally do a couple extra slides, but there is so much that’s happened in the last few hundred years in the development of psychology it was difficult to narrow down what to keep. After figuring out what I was going to do I ran into my next big issue, my iPad. I guess nothing is optimized properly for this thing, as I couldn’t access the “Publish to Web” feature through the app, forcing me to delete the app in order to view it in my web browser without automatically being rerouted onto the app. On my browser however, the sheet was so large it was lagging and I could barely make any adjustments to my timeline even if I wanted to through the browser…. So I downloaded the app again. While it wasn’t the most pleasant working with my iPad, if I am able to access my laptop this can be prevented in the future. I also had the same issue with the embedding not working as some of my classmates, but it was a simple fix of unrestricting my google sheet. You may also notice that the timeline only takes up half the screen…. I have tried my best to try and make it wider for better viewing but have been unsuccessful in my attempts. Perhaps this post and my timeline were just meant to be viewed on a phone!

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